About Freeland Scientific & smarTprobe

Freeland Scientific is a company that designs and manufactures monitoring equipment for the waste industry. We have a dedicated team designing and developing monitoring equipment to reduce time consuming labour-intensive jobs, to help you efficiently process your wastes. All our equipment is produced with the team’s expert knowledge of the industries legislation and compliance requirements.

The first product we launched was the CompostManager System this is a complete easy to use monitoring system that has been proven to help reduce site odours, increase site productivity and decrease composting times on sites.  It is a global product sold within Europe, North America, Australia, South America and Africa.


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Company Values

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Everything we do is based around four key values. Making us a company that always puts the customers first, from the initial contract all the way through to our after care service. It doesn’t matter whether you are making an enquiry or are a long standing customer we treat everyone the same. Our friendly customer service is exceptional. Everything we do is for our customers. From the constant upgrading of existing technology to improve/evolve our systems to our research and development into new innovations. We always have our customers in mind.