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Wireless Temperature Monitoring Assists Site in EA Fire Prevention Compliance

Our unique Wireless Temperature Monitoring system helped play a key role in Countrystyle getting the Environment Agency’s Approval for the Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) at it’s wood recycling facility in Kent.

Countrystyle’s Recycling facility which is located at Ridham Docks in Kent sorts and processes 150,000 tons of mixed wood per annum. Producing a range of shredded wood products for the panel board and energy markets. During the summer months stockpiles are stored on site which require monitoring to reduce the risk of self combustion.

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have issued guidance to all operators that store any amount of combustible waste. They must have an approved Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) that meets three key objectives.

1. To minimise the likelihood of a fire happening.
2. Aims for a fire to be extinguished within 4 hours.
3. Minimises the spread of fire within the site and to neighboring sites.

All waste sites must have procedures in place to detect a fire in its early stages to reduce the impact. The plans must illustrate that the site can control heat to prevent self-combustion. Key to this is the monitoring of “sub-surface temperatures with a probe or another device that can take representative readings from the centre of a pile. Temperatures on the surface of a pile are unlikely to represent that at the core”. All companies have a obligation to monitor these stockpiles, any companies that fail to do this breach their fire prevention plans and risk losing their site permits to operate.

To enable Countrystyle to meet this requirement they adopted the Wireless Temperature Monitoring System combined with the temperature sensing cables. Using the system allowed them to track the temperatures throughout the cores of the stockpiles.

Countrystyle set up the system the first alert is sent automatically to site operators and triggers additional monitoring procedures. If temperatures continue to rise a second alert is activated and sent to Senior Management, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service and the Environment Agency. This second alert triggers action at the site to rotate or dismantle the stockpile concerned.

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It is not compulsory for the alert to be sent outside the organisation, but in configuring the system this way Countrystyle underlined it’s commitment to the safety and transparency of it’s procedures.

Stuart Butler-Gallie, Director of “Legal and Admin” oversees the compliance within the Countrystyle group said “I am delighted that Countrystyle is leading the way in adopting systems and processes which encompass the Environment Agency requirements. I consider Freeland Scientific's system to be one of the factors which helped to ensure that our Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) was approved, clearing the way for a permit to be issued covering the site.”

Through Freeland Scientific’s extensive research into stockpiles self heating to the point of combustion the Wireless Temperature Probes were designed to provide customers with the most efficient way to monitor waste stockpiles. The unique tiered alert system adds an additional security level to minimise a fire breaking out on site.

The temperature data is displayed in an easy to read dashboard format – example illustrated data below that shows rising temperatures in a traffic light system or in graph format.

It records the temperatures for each bay/batch and can be instantly displayed when sites are audited.

Smartprobe Dashboard
SmarTprobe Wireless Temperature Probes Logo

Batch History Screen Shot

Freeland Scientific’s smarTprobe technology is a cost effective solution that gives customers the ability to record for compliance and analyse heating trends and stockpile behaviors which contribute greatly towards our stockpile management and the mitigation of fire risks. Providing the ability to act quickly to sudden changes in temperatures.

The Wireless Temperature Probes are an accurate, reliable cost effective solution for mandatory site compliance. The proactive system enables companies to prevent a fire even occurring. No waste site wants to have to close due to fire on site losing earnings in such a competitive industry.

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