How it Works...

System Overview

The system consists of wireless temperature probes that transmit data back to a centralised 2G data gateway. The gateway transmits data to a web server via the cellular network. Data is then processed by the server and securely backed up.

Alerts can be set at the server level: these send out email and/or text messages to users specified by the site.

It is possible to set different actions for different alert levels and real-time data can be viewed from any Internet-connected PC using freely available Windows-based software. In addition, customised weekly reports can be generated and sent via email; these can be used to demonstrate compliance with the site’s operating procedures for internal auditing and insurance purposes.

Wireless Temperature Probes How it Works Data Transfer Diagram
Smartprobe Dashboard

System Specifics

The data viewing software is Windows-based and fully up-gradable and customisable. Unlimited copies of the software to allow for viewing of the data on office PCs would be included. The core functions of the software are to:

•Allow users to enter details of batch formations, movements, and recoveries;
•Provide users with reports in HTML format to demonstrate compliance with monitoring procedures;
•Register the movement of wireless probes to different site areas if required; and
•Send alerts by email and/or SMS message if predetermined alarm criteria are exceeded.

The data display software is currently only available in English. If required, it would be possible to extend this to French / Flemish. The SMS / email alerts can currently be configured for any language.

Alert System

Alert Levels Explained smarTprobe Wireless Sensors

The smarTprobe system includes a facility for issuing high-temperature alerts if temperatures exceed pre-determined levels. It is possible to configure alerts based on an absolute temperature, or a certain time at a given temperature. The criteria for issuing alert levels should be set based on characterisation of the pile, and also reviewed periodically, based on historical data. An example state diagram of a 3-tier alert system is shown above.

Temperature Probes

The temperature probes have been purpose designed for use in recycled material. These are the key specifications of the probes:

  • 1.5m length, 20mm × 2.5mm Marine grade 316 stainless steel;
  • Handles assembly sits about 0.1m from top of probe so maximum insertion depth is 1.4m;
  • Sealed to IP65;
  • Complete with marker pole, protruding 750mm, to allow for easy visibility;
  • Electronics and battery rated to 85°C;
  • Battery life: minimum 1 year, batteries are replaced during annual service / calibration and probes report a low-battery warning. Probes would be supplied with batteries fitted;
  • Temperature accuracy: better than ±1°C;
  • Temperature sensing technology: PT-100 platinum resistance thermistors;
  • Removable temperature sensor to allow on- or off-site calibration;
  • Maximum reading frequency: 1 reading every 10 minutes;
  • Supplied with 5-point calibration certificate against UKAS-calibrated thermometer in precision stirred water bath.
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