A Dedicated and Robust Temperature Tracking Solution
for the Waste Industry

SmarTprobe Wireless Temp Probe

Wireless Temperature Probes and Wireless Temperature Sensors

A groundbreaking and cost-effective solution for the waste industry, our wireless temperature sensors are designed to monitor core temperatures within stockpiles for Fire Prevention Compliance (FPP) and audit purposes in the UK - and the equivalent monitoring regulations/requirements in other countries. i.e. PFRP & VAR requirements in America.

smarTprobes temperature probes can be used for Compliance Purposes for Temperature Monitoring of waste stockpiles – Wood, RDF, SRF, Compost, Organic Waste, Peat, Coir Fibre.

With a 1km wireless range, 12-month battery life and robust and durable construction, our wireless temperature sensors are designed for use in the waste industry. They are incredibly easy to use and install and thanks to the deep sensor location you can be warned when temperatures start to rise. The probes make it easy to proactively manage your stockpiles and reduce the risk of fire without time-consuming manual checks.

Our smarTprobes constantly monitor temperatures and deliver the data direct to your computer wirelessly.

Our heavy-duty industrial wireless temperature probes are designed to protect your site from the risk of fire through self-combustion. The system has a unique tiered alert system, which warns you of rising temperature levels within your stockpiles. This gives you the opportunity to react even before a fire starts.

Waste Fire Detection & Prevention

Our unique wireless temperature sensors are designed to help make managing waste stockpiles easier. With the ability to set up alerts and early warnings of core temperature changes, you can effectively prevent fires from breaking out.

Our smarTprobes come in 1.5m, 2m and 3m lengths, and detect the slightest of temperature changes within your stockpiles. From wood and RDF to compost and organic waste, our wireless temperature sensors offer a much more reliable monitoring solution compared to manual checks.
The smarTprobe system has tiered alerts, that once triggered will send out messages to designated staff via email or text, advising of the on-site location that the alert came from.

This gives the user the chance to stop a fire from ever happening and thanks to the ease of set up and wireless communication, manual checks will be a thing of the past. 

Composters-Data Monitoring For Compliance

Because our smarTprobes can be used for in-vessel and open windrow operations, they are also ideal for sites carrying out both processes and which store the finished product outside.

Our unique technology does all the leg work at a fraction of the cost of manual recording.

The sensors are simply inserted into the compost where they monitor temperatures 24/7 and send the data direct to your onsite computer. What’s more, the data can be fed straight into the PAS100 (UK) layout and other countries equivalent specifications i.e. PFRP & VAR requirements, providing reports at the click of a button.

Key Features:

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Robust and Durable
Constructed from marine grade stainless steel. Can be used in Compost, Woodchip, RDF, SRF, Mixed Waste, Coir Fibre, Peat. To name but a few.
Cost Effective
Spread the cost over 12 months from as little as £10 per probe each week.
Easy to Install and Use
Usually only one day is required for set up and staff training.
Temperature Data Sent Wirelessly
The data is transmitted wirelessly back to your site computer by our 2G Gateway.
Deep Sensor Location
Sensor location measures temperatures deep within the stockpile. Alerts sent out advise which probe and where it is located on site.
Wireless Range
Wireless range is up to 1 km line of sight and this can be increased by using repeaters. Depending on the sites location.
12 Month Warranty + Premium Support
Outstanding after sales service. Probes are covered by annual service and calibration as well as our constant technical support.
12 Month Battery Life
Batteries are changed annually. They have a 12 month battery life. So a whole year of peace of mind!




Temperature Probe

Produced from Marine grade stainless steel

Robust probes suitable for all types of waste sites and exposure to all the elements.

Unique Head Design

Probe Handles 

Makes inserting the probes easier with something to hold onto.

Temperature Range

Wide temperature range -50 -200°C
-58 -392°F

This enables the system to be used worldwide.

smarTprobe Alert system

Tiered alert system

Provides a proactive approach to Fire Prevention and temperature compliance monitoring.

Operating system

Windows based

Our technology can be used/incorporated into most system software.

Data recording

All temperatures recorded

All temperatures are logged automatically for audit purposes.

Frequency Band

868 MHz

Other frequencies are available for non-European markets

Easy to use

Program designed to be user friendly

Clear graphic's and batch recording are available at a click of a button.

Data Storage

Secure Online database

Data backed up daily

After Sales Service

Customer care

We provide an exceptional after sales service where no job is too small.

Probe Weight


2m = 3.1kg; 1.5m = 2.5kg

smarTprobe Installations Around the World

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